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You Are About to be Given an Opportunity to Join An

Exclusive Club That Will Help Save YOU Money

Every Day

Dear Customer

If you are a savvy shopper who enjoys saving money and getting great value for money, then you are about to be given an amazing opportunity to be part of an exclusive money saving group - FREE.

We all like to think that we are getting the very best out of our money in our lives. The problem is we are all victims of the multi-million pound marketing machines of the supermarkets and the brand giants and we are often seduced into parting with our hard earned cash and paying above the odds for mediocre products.

Every day people spend £££’s of their hard earned cash unnecessarily because they know no better.

Why? Because they know no better. They continue to shop as they’ve always done, trusting that the “big shops” are giving them the very best deal on everything when this is simply not the case. And so they continue to give their money away where they really don't have to.

But you, you’re different. You have already demonstrated that by visiting this page today. You are already showing that you are operating at a higher level of awareness. You are already a far more savvy shopper!

BUT, this is NOT a message for everyone!

Why? This is not for you if:

     So, if you fall into one (or all) of the above categories then perhaps now is a good time to let us stop wasting any more of your day and let somebody else have a chance of securing one of the few spots available in our  Payless Inner Circle.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

We are Piers & Val O’Neill. As we said in the video above we own and run a discount store and have done so for over 5 years now. We have backgrounds in retail and retail logistics for blue chip companies.

Since working for ourselves and owning our own shop we have made some whopping discoveries. The primary one being how we are constantly ripped off by the big retailers and how they are absolutely brilliant at convincing us that they are giving us the best deals ever. This simply isn’t the case.

Our business has been built on offering great products at a fair price with exceptional customer service. Over the last few years we have noticed that peoples perceptions are slowly changing and they are becoming far more comfortable shopping in a discount store environment. BUT there are still many more people out there who are yet to be converted and so we are embarking on a mission to help educate people into becoming more savvy shoppers. Our Payless Inner Circle is the start of that process.

What exactly are we offering?

Our proposition to you is all about adding value in the following ways:

     So, what’s it going to cost me I hear you say…

Well, being a member of our Payless Inner Circle is FREE.

Yes, you read that right, this service is completely complimentary.

Yes we are going to offer you discounts and deals, and yes we are going to tell you about our products and how great they are and how they will save you money. But whether you take up the special offers or buy any recommended products is entirely up to you - although you would be silly not to! You really have nothing to lose!!

CLICK HERE to sign up and start saving today!!